Hair removal

An effective method for removal of unwanted hair-growth.

The modern technology  of our Aurora system called Elos is a successful, gentle method of permanently removing unwanted hair. Hair follicles are completely destroyed so that hair re-growth is impossible in the areas treated.

Elos uses radio frequency and laser therapy in its treatment process. Precisely controlled pulses penetrate the hair follicles without damaging the skin. Say farewell to unwanted hair growth. Even blonde and grey hair can be removed. Treatment is not painful and afterwards merely a slight reddening of the skin is sometimes visible.

Permanent hair removal is successful for both men and women. All body areas can be treated: upper lip, cheeks, chin, arms, shoulders, bikini area, stomach, legs, bottom, breasts, neck and back.

With this method hair growth is permanently reduced after each treatment. The number of treatments will be based on your hair color and skin type.

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