Lips - soft and smooth

Forming a lip belongs to the most sensitive things in esthetic medicine. Lipaugmentation strongly demands routine and years of experience to make it look natural.

Building up or forming a lip is mostley asked for because of esthetic reasons, after regulation of teeth or dental prosthesis, after accidents and surgery for reconstructive reasons.

Lipcreases, fuller lips, pout, lifting of mouthcorners, Paris lip technique or simply bringing a permanent make-up to perfection, everything is possible.

Augmentation can be performed with different materials: biodegradable or permanent. Sometimes both are combined. For the first try Dr. Reischle recommends using a degradable material which lasts about a year, resolving if you possibly like it another way. 

A regional anaesthesia is self-evident for this procedure. You should count with a swelling of the lip for about 2 days.

permanent Lipaugmentation

Lipaugmentation with Restylane (Hyaluronic acid gel)


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