Orbital Rings

We all know about the problem: dark circles under your eyes sometimes combined with creases - no make-up seems to help and gives a tired look though you feel great! 

This is caused by a fat atrophy in the upper cheeks and lower eyelids. At the same time nasolabial folds start to show deeper due to a slight sagging of skin in the upper midface region. Meanwhile there is a simple solution: instead of undergoing extensive plastic surgery Dr. Reischle lifts up this area by a simple injection. No operation necessary!

Injection takes place from inside the cheeks, so no brusing or downtime. A short swelling is normal but is not reallized by others in everyday life.

The dark circles around the eyes are disappearing, the upper cheek area is lifted and looks much younger. 

Given, you dont have too big puffy eyebags, this "Injectionlift" is the most effective and safe solution to rejuvenate the miidface region in just one hour. On the same time this procedure can offer you cheek augmentation which otherwise is only possible with surgical implants.

Dr. Reischle uses his signature method to postpone the need of a lower blepharoplasty or facelift but also to bring facelifts to perfection or past oral surgery or accidential injuries. He uses especially designed hyaluronic acids, autologuos fat or on special request permanent polymers.

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