Treatment of scars

Fresh scars, e.g. after surgery, burns or other traumata which are still red or start changing into thick scars, can already be treated by IPL or lasertherapy  2 weeks after healing in order to turn pale, so excessive makeup is unnecessary. This treatment is especially suitable after any kind of surgery in the face/neck region due to its cosmetic superior results.

Elder wide or thick scars are treated somewhat different: Laser/IPL is one, injection of antiproliferative drugs another and finaly surgery a third treatment possibility. If there is a reduction in movement by scars, special flapoperations are reqiured.

Deep sunken in scars are subcised in a minimal invasive manner in local anesthesia and - if necessary - augmented with injectable implants, resulting in even and constant level .

Acne scars are distinguished into scars caused by increased tissue formation (keloids and hypertrophyc scars (see above), and  scars associated with loss of tissue (fibrotic scars, Ice-pick scars and soft scars).

These scars are treated in the majority by large surface CO2-Laserresurfacings. The treatment shrinks the collagen in scar tissue and remodels the surface of the skin and is performed in sedation of the patient. It takes about 10 days to heal and provides excellent results.

Small soft scars and Ice-pick scars might be treated minimal invasive by filler-injections or "punchbiopsie-relevelling" or special chemical peel technique.

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