Skin tightening

Dermatologists are often asked for the secret creme to tighten the skin. A lot of treatments have been created and are working excellent. Depending on age, gender, lifestyle and personal expectations the right treatment has to be found. Sometimes a chemical peel will do, sometimes only the scalpel will help. Which method will do for my individual expectations? Often it is a little bagatelle, sometimes a combination will fit your needs. The right choice is very often an issue in long  consultations.

Possible solutions are:

Laserresurfacing – rejuvenation and renewal of the upper skin by using lasers which evaporate (ablate) the upper skin layers and lead to collagen shrinage, creases will be evened out, global skin tightening, agespot and skin imperfection removal is achieved. a two-week holiday until the face has healed and a certain amount of redness up to 3 months is common. Results are excellent!  

Chemical Peels – For more than a century, Peelings are very powerful and useful tools in dermatology. By applying caustic substances, the skin can be damaged, destroyed, bleached, peeled or tightened in exactly the desired depth. Peelings distinguished into superficial, medium or deep Peels. Nowadays we have a great variety of peeling agents fitting every need.

 Subsurfacing - are Lasertreatments of the skin without damaging the surface. Collagen is tightened and a smoother look of the face due to a light tightening effect is what you get.  The treatment is in no way comparable to a laserresurfacing, it aims to slow down further aging.  n combination with some superficial chemical peels it makes you look younger and fresher. Little redness for abóut one hour after the treatment is all you feel and therefor this method is good for people who simply can't drop out of their job.

Fraxel / Fractional Laser - a new method how to use well known lasers to shoot little holes in pattern like shapes into the skin. It heals quicker than laser resurfacings but in no way reach their results and has to be performed several times. Since I have not seen satisfying results yet, I will watch closely this method . The same is with a new system called Thermage.

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