Venous diseases

In the last decade medical development has turned upside down also the treatment of varicose veins.

Many methods available will fit every need. Stripping the varicose veins has been the gold standard still a couple of years ago, now future belongs to endovenous obliteration, minimal invasive treatment procedures that guarantee quick recover (few days). Technological base is radiofrequency (Closure fast) or laserbased (EVLT) catheter treatment requiring not more than a stich with a needle. No scars, minimal discomfort and quick healing in just a few days.

News on sclerotherapy: A method called foamsclerotherapy revolutionized treatment of superficial thick varicose veins. A foamed-up scleroagent is injected by ultrasound guidance with thin needles into the varicose vein, filling it up and closing it in very short time. This technique is suitable also for large varicose veins, where surgery is not appropriate.     

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