painless Examination

Many different examinations for varicose veins are possible. The most important question to be answered is always the same: Do you have varicose veins?  This is best detected nowadays through a duplex ultrasound examination.

Duplex ultrasound uses painless, high-frequency waves higher than human hearing can detect. Your doctor uses duplex ultrasound to measure the speed of blood flow and to see the structure of your leg veins. Duplex ultrasound shows how blood is flowing through your vessels and measures the speed of the flow of blood.  It can also be useful to estimate the diameter of a blood vessel as well as the amount of obstruction, if any, in the blood vessel. Duplex ultrasound produces images that can be color coded to show physicians where your blood flow is severely blocked as well as the speed and direction of blood flow.

The test can take up to 20 minutes for each leg.  Besides showing varicose veins, duplex ultrasound may help your doctor decide whether your varicose veins could be related to some other condition rather than the veins themselves.


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